08 February 2017 @ 04:55 pm

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17 July 2017 @ 11:43 am
Who: peter nureyev as pierce steel and you.
Where: a lawn full of mugs, a library, and other places.
When: july.
What: it's a catch-all.
Warnings: he's made of knives and high heels?
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12 July 2017 @ 01:58 pm
Who: Aloy and you
Where: Leaving the animal shelter, Aloy's yard, the park
When: July 10-12
What: ALOY GETS A DOG. Because serious roleplay.
Warnings: None. Unless you're scared of dogs. Then, dogs.


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Who: Juno Steel ( [personal profile] sospita) & OTHERS.
When: This is a July catch-all. Shove a header in here if you want a wildcard.
What: There's a lot happening, okay!?
Warnings: N/A. Will update.
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05 July 2017 @ 01:09 pm
Who: mary adler, fred the one eye-d cat and YOU!
Where: outside mary and frank's house
When: july 5th
What: mary's running a lemonade stand to raise money for fred's mayoral campaign (or for toys).
Warnings: seven year old sass machine and a cat with one eye.

[ Frank had successfully distracted Mary from everything by agreeing to help her build a lemonade stand so she could raise money for the mayoral campaign she had planned for Fred. That and to raise money to help the people of the town rebuild because Mary read somewhere that if Fred endears himself to the community by doing good deeds, he has a better chance of winning a popular vote.

Fred the cat. Yes, Mary is aiming for Wayward Pines to have a cat mayor.

So out she sits on the curb with the stand that she and Frank (mostly Frank) built together, although she did all the decorations and she made the FRED FOR MAYOR sign. She will call out to you if you're walking by or driving, to beckon you to drink her perfectly made lemonade. Come buy some perfectly made lemonade (no, seriously), popcorn or too-hard-cookies from her. And yes, Fred, himself, will be sitting there looking very uninterested in everything that's happening but he must meet his future constituents.]
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05 July 2017 @ 11:20 am
Who: Nyx Ulric
Where: Town, the gym, at home, etc
When: July Catch-all
What: In a single day the world changed. Let's talk about that.
Warnings: Probably too many emotions to count.

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Who: dutch + OPEN
Where: weaver's, the woods
When: end of june to july 11th
What: dutch drinks, tries to come to terms with what they've all learned, and gets her clearance
Warnings: n/a (will update if necessary).

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Who: snowflake elsa & behemoth gladio.
Where: gladio's house.
When: july 5.
What: on top of everything, elsa's remembered something tragic and seeks some solace.
Warnings: death talk, grossness, more-than-friends stuff.

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02 July 2017 @ 08:23 pm
Who: Caroline and Poe
Where: The hospital
When: Saturday June 1st.
What: Caroline aka sleeping beauty wakes up from her not!coma.
Warnings: Mentions of death, vampirism, blood. schmoopyshippysap.

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Who: Jyn & y'all
Where: Home & Around (Go Ask Alice, work, running)
When: June 28-July 3
What: Surprise Jyn's not dead anymore
Warnings: Mentions of past character death in passing



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26 June 2017 @ 08:24 am
Who: OTA
Where: Go Ask Alice
When: June 26 - July 31
What: Just an open catch-all for the tea shop and anyone who frequents it! And this can double as a Jefferson catch-all if you want to toss up a starter for him, specifically, that isn't set at the tea shop.
Warnings: Reference to death. Warn in the subject line as necessary.


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Who: Cassian and Poe
Where: Casa de Murder Ice Cream
What: What the f*ck, basically.
Warnings: None at the moment.

And if we’re counting on them to un-f*ck it up.... Then we’re all f*cked. )
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16 June 2017 @ 04:48 pm
Who: Bucky Barnes & Various
When: June
What: Catch-all for the month. LMK if you want a thread!
Warnings: Will update as necessary.

[Closed (threads upon request)]
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14 June 2017 @ 11:12 am
Who: Alex Rider and YOU
Where: around town
When: June 11th & June 13th
What: A cat adopts Alex and then Alex accidentally blows up a cop car. Somehow, the cat thing is the weirder part of this week for Alex.
Warnings: PTSD traumas, panic attacks, explosions, accidental self-sedation
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14 June 2017 @ 04:36 am
Who: Crowe Altius, Nyx Ulric, open to other residents of Nyx's house, close CR who want to poke?
Where: The (former) Salvatore house, Nyx's house, miscellaneous.
When: The evening after Elena disappears and thereafter
What: Dealing with fallout. And dangers.
Warnings: Emotions. Nyx Ulric. Kingsglaive/FFXV spoilers. Probably that's about it.

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Who: Big Laura, Small Laura
Where: The Howlett residence
When: The morning of June 14th
What: The Lauras discover their dad is gone.
Warnings: Possible references to traumatic pasts; I'll update with specifics if/when they happen!
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13 June 2017 @ 05:38 pm
Who: Peter Quill [personal profile] holdmybeer & YOU.
Where: La Casa de Peter, aka 5022 3B.
When: The 19th.
What: It's party time.
Warnings: Bad life choices.

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( ooc; mingle thread! feel free to make your own top levels. i’ll be tagging around with peter. oh, and don’t forget that ½ the day is going to be a-ok and ½ the day is going to be not so a-ok. things are going to go from bad to worse too, since characters can die during the next part of the plot, so i wrote a kind of out. run while you still can. but until the shit hits the fan there’s food & drink, a pool w/ a slide, a trampoline, supersoakers, and a box of fireworks. have at it. )
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11 June 2017 @ 03:31 pm
Who: Taako; Open
Where: The School
When: June, Thursdays at 4pm-6pm (Except the 8th, class that week is held on the 7th)
What: Cooking Class! All ages and skill levels welcome!
Warnings: n/a

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Who: Jyn & Elsa & you lot
Where: 4106, Casa de Disney (not actual) Princess
When: June 10-12
What: Jyn & Elsa's backyard has become a refuge for wildlife and thus an impromptu petting zoo
Warnings: There's innocent smooching, it's gross.



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