08 February 2017 @ 04:55 pm

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27 April 2017 @ 09:45 pm
Who: Zuko and Azula
Where: Their house
When: Latter part of April
What: Firebanding training and some recovery of memories
Warnings: Violence, burns

here be boypain )
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22 April 2017 @ 09:36 pm
Who: Eshkol and Lantar Sidonis and anyone who wants to help move stuff around at the bar.
Where: Weaver's.
When: Around the start of the flooding.
What: Floodproofing and possibly some non-human stand-offishness.
Warnings: Grumbling and lots of it!

'Free Drinks for Helpers' )
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13 April 2017 @ 10:37 am
Who: Bucky Barnes and OPEN, with a few specific closed prompts.
When: April 1-12
What: Catch-all for Bucky things!
Warnings: N/A, will update as necessary

[Open & Closed Prompts]

It's always cold in Siberia... )
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Who: Emma Swan + YOU
Where: the neighborhood, the school, the tea shop, pick your own adventure
When: April somethin'
What: settling in
Warnings: N/A? will update if needed. (probably won't be needed)

and the world spins madly on.  )
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Who: Jefferson, Cassian, Rhiannon, and anyone who feels like visiting the tea shop.
Where: Go Ask Alice
When: Any time in April, barring events.
What: An open catch-all log for goings on at the tea shop!
Warnings: N/A, just put them in your comment headers as needed.


‘The Dormouse is asleep again,’ said the Hatter, and he poured a little hot tea upon its nose. )
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10 April 2017 @ 04:55 pm
Who: Sam Seaborn and Sarah Wenham
Where: Various
When: April 1st - 11th
What: Catch-all
Warnings: Will edit as necessary

We're lost and no one's looking for us )
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Who: Katherine Pierce, Nyx, Sam Seaborn, Caroline Forbes, Stefan Salvatore, and you (in an upcoming starter)
Where: Around town, noted as the starters go
When: This month (specify times as we go if desired!)
What: Establishing new relationships, finding old ones, and possibly ruining at least one person's days.
Warnings: None as of yet

If we knew then what we do now
For Nyx. In da neighborhood.
[ Katherine Pierce has never forgotten what it was like to have a family. The love she has for her long since dead mama could never be erased, along with the shroud of hope that the woman had been stronger. Patriarchal societies be damned, not all women through the ages let men roll over their wants, the true needs of their family: some women had a voice, but not her mother. Her papa was not a nice man, not a loving person, and she hated the magic he practiced, but he was still her father and in that, knowing he was slaughtered makes her ache. Memories of a daughter she thought dead for centuries, brought up for her by Damon, those weave in among the ones she's always carried for the long lost Nadia.

But as Katherine could admit, she has not felt that depth of the bond of family in countless lifetimes. Her marriage to Damon carries purpose, but not true love (she's come to love him a little bit more recently too, but he doesn't have to believe her.) Stefan's kindnesses amid his downtrodden attitude are certainly nothing like family, even if they're in-laws as per the town's history.

It hits her like a ton of bricks when she spies one her neighbors walking on the sidewalk opposite herself. His name floods into her mind along with a barrage of memories that she can't quite pinpoint as they cascade in. At the core of each screams the connection of a sibling, something she has never known before. A relationship she's observed, so so very much. Hell, she's accused of rending apart the brotherhoods of not one, but two, pairs of brothers. These are memories she knows cannot hold truth, ones containing verbal fights (that meant so much to her at the time, how could he be so judgmental, can't you understand how in love she is?!) to a birthday cake with a set number of candles that she tries to blink away. Katherine Pierce? Has never had a birthday cake, much less when she was little.

Frozen in place, perhaps he's kept on walking and not noticed her expression of shock before she beings to walk sideways across the street.

This, it's a set of memories she should be angry over. She shouldn't accept them. She shouldn't. No. It really... ]
Nyx. [ Said loud enough for him to hear, but still low, and one booted foot lifts to rest on the sidewalk, her other still on asphalt. Maybe it won't be the same for him. Maybe he won't even know who she is. She's in dark pants, as close to a skinny fit as she can find in the town's offered fashion choices, dark red top and black leather jacket on. Hair curled to perfection. Eyes locked onto his face.

Why does the thought of something that she's never truly had being taken away hurt so much? Her eyes are expectant, and she's a half second away from wanting to compel him to forget he saw her that day before she dashes away at vampire speed.

Katherine has always wanted love. She knows that family can mean love. And this man, this stranger, who she only just remembered the name of, he's her brother there. And she loves him. ]

We'd hold our hands and take a bow
For Sam. A bar.
[ Is it a night that Damon is taking a shift at the bar? Who knows (Katherine, certainly)?

Either way. She doesn't stalk after her husband in true Katherine Pierce fashion, not every single move anyway. Just enough for her ducks to be in a row. Which, is the reason why she's been a witness to this very handsome guy that Damon's established a friendship with. As for any recognition she's had of his (slightly adorable, what, she's not sorry) face? It hasn't occurred yet, so apparently these false memories have wild dynamics. Her husband remembers him, but she doesn't. Yes, she eavesdrops on conversations. No, she's not sorry.

She spies what he's drinking and orders two, sauntering over, coming in from behind where he sits. Speaking just as her face comes close to the back of his head, wanting her voice to register prominently. Sultrily. ]
Funny. That's one of my favorites too. [ Does she mean him or the drink? Well. And she's slipping to sit in the seat next to him, at the bar or a table, whatever his choice would be. Her legs, in tight pants, cross over one another at the knee as she leans minutely closer to him.

A smirk that grows into a small grin. ]
It's Sam, isn't it? Small town. [ She sets the glass near the one he already has, taking a sip from her own. Is she intruding? You're...gonna have to tell her if she is. ]

Together we would stand our ground (and fight)
For Caroline. Caroline's house.
[ Katherine rolled her eyes. Flat out, completely, no holding back. She rolled her eyes when Damon had the nerve to suggest that she go over to 'check on Caroline.'

Why? She can take care of herself. She's a VAMPIRE, Damon, remember? Yes, Katherine, they all remember that aspect of Caroline's life.

Then again, there are allies in larger groups. Ones that are familiar with what they are, their actual histories (or, well, she's not sure how much Blondie's actually recalled yet?) It's with a grudging sigh that she agrees, taking nothing other than herself (dressed as well as one can in the 90s, and her cell phone. Yes, she'll play it cool. No she won't bluntly state why she's there: she's not stupid, Damon.

Night's close to falling so she dashes off to Caroline's house, a surge of annoyance that literally everyone else in Casa de Salvatore had other more pressing priorities. Haven't they been there long enough that check-ins are a little outdated, too? Ugh.

Approaching, she steps up to the front door, turning the doorknob and letting it swing open. R u d e. ]

Knock knock. [ A beat. ] Caroline. [ She calls out, certainly the voice that a Caroline at home (is she home? maybe she has a life) wants to hear. That's. You're the worst, Katherine. This is part of the reason why it's easy to keep hating you, for almost everyone from Mystic Falls. ] I forgot to bring cookies, but... [ like as a nice neighborly gift -- she, at least, doesn't step further into the house? Her lips purse down as she shrugs, peering inside, listening for the homeowner who she's intruding upon. Er, checking up on. Is that even better? ]

I still wear your t-shirt out; all the ink is faded now
For Stefan. At the high school.
[ Why hide it? Katherine's there to check out where Stefan might be within this newest environment he's brought into his life. Color her slightly put out, too: determining what Stefan might do three steps ahead of schedule has always been a special skill of hers. He's...different, there. A lot like Damon's different, actually.

Elena Gilbert, what did your influence do to these boys?

She's not surprised, so much, that Stefan integrates more into the little society they have there. It's smart. They all need to, plan to, find ways to do so. Still, there's an air of mystery attached to his quality of mopey behavior. It stems from more than just being brought to the weird town. Is Katherine respectful enough that she doesn't press? Uh. No. For a place that doesn't have twenty different special events quarterly, she's been busy since her memories came back. Katherine wants to know more, and more, about the people around them. Home life's been reserved for everyone being calm enough to keep a sincere peace, along with discussions applicable to their life in the Pines.

Respect for his space? No. Katherine's been wanting to ask what his deal is for awhile now. She didn't want to ask with Damon right there, at home, eavesdropping (she likes moments alone with Stefan, no surprise.) The garage thus, also, not a good spot. In truth, she knows that anyone could listen in on any public conversation she manages to rustle up from him, but she's taking that risk.

He must be somewhere at the school, since she's already checked the garage, right? Where Damon asked her what she wanted and for once, she could tell him literally nothing from him. At first, she walks through the hallways, boots clicking along the floor, looking for that familiar form, that head of hair. There wasn't even a security person at the front entrance for visitors to check in -- all's safe in the education systems around those parts, it seems. ]
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08 April 2017 @ 08:48 pm
Who: Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Emma Swan and YOU.
Where: Various places detailed below, all in the city of Wayward Pines.
When: This month.
What: Damon decides to play by the rules, and discovers he's not the only version of himself that's broken them.
Warnings: None yet, but this is Damon Salvatore.

[ His third month here, Damon decides a different approach to the town is in order. For once, he's playing every part he's given. When a memory emerges, he leans into the skid. He could fight it. He could rabble rouse and raise pitchforks and anger whomever is behind the cameras, but he decides once and for all to play along. Before this month he'd been doing it out of habit, as something to do, but he decides then and there that he needs to. He gets the idea from Randel (or, with Randel, really) to improve if need be. It starts with smoothing over a soured friendship. And that becomes his second goal. Allies are the name of the game. And to get allies, Damon needs to be accessible. No more double meanings, no more burst bubbles inside parked cars. The more people he meets, the more memories uncovered and maybe that's the key. ]

i wanna talk about what you are that i ain't .. open

[ French's General Store becomes a hub of sorts for him. He volunteers to get the groceries. He's nothing if not a modern vampire and sending Katherine off to get groceries is a waste of her talents. When not stocking up on pancake batter, more booze and whatever he feels they might want for the next few days, he finds himself contemplating the rack of old VHS tapes. It's the classics Stefan actually likes, and ones they've all heard of, so every time he drops in, he picks up a few more. Drinking gets him so far, and with sex with Katherine off the table for him, he needs better entertainment. By mid-month they have a well-stocked VHS library.

At the butcher's, he makes small talk with French and always leaves a twenty in the tip jar. Sometimes, he makes a dirty joke about a breast, or a shank. And some days you might be surprised to find he pays for your order as well.

At the Garage, he takes to more hands on work when not working the books over. Expecting Stefan? You get Damon, hands greased up and white t-shirt spattered, but the job's always well done. His brother's expanded his acumen and that leaves Damon and Bucky doing the job in the afternoons. If you drop by during slower hours, you might find Damon singing Taylor Swift's greatest hits to himself. If not Taylor Swift, he has an impressive encyclopedic knowledge from songs released in 1993 and 1994, and a few of the older country songs.

With Stefan at the school, Damon drops by to bring his brother his lunch. In his brown bag sits a sandwich, an apple, and a thermos complete with his brother's favorite type. Damon raps on his brother's doorway to make his delivery. He bothers Stefan as long as his brother will let him. His third goal for the month, get back into his brother's good graces. After seeing Stefan, Damon wanders the halls. If anywhere is going to jog his memory, it's his high school. He can be found in the lobby, in the auditorium, and in the gymnasium, sometimes thinking, sometimes dribbling a basketball.

One afternoon he stops by one of the glass cases, palm settled against it, transfixed. He didn't go here. He knows he didn't go here and yet, there he is.

In the library, he finds an old yearbook, spending a while at one of the tables, flipping through it.

He stops at Between the Pines. Another way to his brother's heart. Books. The problem is, he spent the better part of a century either avoiding his brother, or making his life a living hell. He doesn't know which of these Stefan has read. He finds himself in the pulpier sections, knowing full well Stefan sticks with the highbrow. Maybe this is what he needs to turn that dour frown upside down.

At home he searches for his personal copy of the yearbook. Not pulling all the way into their garage, Damon leaves the door open while digging through old junk and finding not only his, but all of their yearbooks packed away in a collapsing cardboard box. The stolen yearbook sits next to the other three with Damon sitting not far from them, drinking from the bottle. They were here. They signed each other's yearbooks. Damon was on the football team and the basketball team. As far as information goes, it's a little much for him.

What he manages to do is pick up a few week day shifts at the bar. Weekend shifts come with experience. Seniority. Damon knows what he looks like. He knows he'll earn the weekend shift sooner or later. When not filling beers on tap and making exceptional drinks, including some that might count as before according to a sign or two, Damon uses his vampire hearing to listen to everyone. Sometimes, he strikes up his own conversation and doesn't discourage people starting conversation with him. With week night shifts come bussing as well, and when waitresses call out, running. But, he's capable and again, it passes time.

If you're lucky, your first drink is on the house. ]

let's talk about what you did to get here .. closed to stefan

When's the last time we did inventory?

[ Damon doesn't know. There are still whole patches of information, years, nights he doesn't remember, but he knows as a business owner that they should. Damon knows they need to take stock, get a handle on the business side of their business, so he and Stefan take a Sunday, shut down the garage and go through everything. Damon finds an old ledger in one of the cabinets. Modern technology eludes them. If only a ledger were a scanner. The menial inventory taking, he tasks Stefan with, not paying mind to the handwritten data.

Damon, instead, is going through their filing cabinets. ]
We have paperwork going back to 1991. ]

let's talk about blood and sweat and tears .. closed to emma

[ It's not surprising Damon has friends. Because he has. Alaric. Enzo. Bonnie. Andie, in a way. Even Rose. Damon's swimming in friends he suddenly remembers. (Friends, and other people, but that stays with him and his brother. Whom he trusts inherently.) Damon drinks on the porch sometimes. Katherine's presence is all consuming and when she gets bored, he finds he doesn't like to entertain her. Or, doesn't want to. Sure there are nights with board games and drinks and they've read together, but some nights he wants to drink alone outside of the bar.

Finger on the top of his closer bottle of scotch, Damon finds himself fixated on a house across the street, a house until now that hasn't meant anything to him.

And despite that, he finds he needs a different, less compelled form of therapy.

There are the friends you drink with, bust their chops, camaraderie friends that don't judge you. And there are the friends that do, that take your shit, but tell you like it is. Bonnie was both. Here, he realizes he has a little of Bonnie in two people. It's too late to call or bother Sam. He's with kid. His sister's, but, still, kid. But, he knows Emma's up. Maybe, it's because her light is on. It's not because her light's on. It's another case of needing a face to a name attached to - something.

Getting up, he keeps the bottle with him, heading down their steps and across the street. He even looks both ways.

Arriving at Emma's door, he taps the bottle of scotch against it. He needs an ear not attached to Katherine or his brother. ]
Who: Alec Lightwood ([personal profile] angelic_archer) and Magnus Bane ([personal profile] appetitive)
Where: Their house, 6104
When: April 1st
What: The newlyweds explore their new home and try to figure out why Magnus is magical and why Alec looks kind of like he's in a gang.
Warnings: Will update as needed.

Read more... )
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Who: Marie (Rogue) + You!
Where: WP Academy, Main Street locations, her neighborhood, etc.
When: The month of April
What: Getting used to the town, meeting people, maybe a tiny bit of snooping
Warnings: Will update as needed
Note: I'll match your style, brackets or prose. Here's her Pines Info.
[Open + Closed]

Friday, April 7: Open (Especially Neighbors) )

Saturday, April 8: Open )

Sunday, April 9: Open )

Monday, April 10: Closed (Teachers) )

Tuesday, April 11: Open (Especially Students) )

Friday, April 14: Closed (Bucky) )
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Who: Randel + others, possibly Randel + you!
Where: Lotus Street Animal Shelter, A Certain Lake, Around Town, Grocery Store
When: after that first week in town
What: a couple of 'reunions', a cat cafe, and business to do
Warnings: none so far

[closed to Pepper] )

[closed to Izumi] )

While he still doesn't remember so much of this, while he's still suspicious and awkward about so much of the life that's supposedly his, Randel's never been one to shirk when there's a job to do, which was why he'd gone to the animal shelter and gotten to. ...there may have been some time with the kittens, which the other workers hadn't begrudged him, honestly, but then there was work to do. Part of that involved heading out to the grocery store to pick up supplies, to the pet store to pick up other supplies, and the hardware store for a few odds and ends that the other two couldn't provide. There's plenty to do and Randel's actually enjoying himself, getting along well with the volunteers and other employees... and maybe he ends up taking his breaks in the cat cafe just to spend more time with the animals but no one would begrudge him that.

Things are still confusing and he really really doesn't like the signs and some of the more suspicious aspects (like Why Everyone Was In A Car Accident) but he can't see how helping animals and making people feel better could make matters worse. That said, he's keeping his eyes out... and he's keeping his lantern on him at all times.
07 April 2017 @ 04:09 pm
Who: Magnus Bane ([personal profile] appetitive), Alec Lightwood ([personal profile] angelic_archer), Clary Fray ([personal profile] babyhunter)
Where: Go Ask Alice teahouse
When: April 2nd, afternoon
What: Clary had been looking for someone named Magnus Bane and happened to come across his protective husband. Setting up a meeting for the three of them in a public place just makes sense, right?
Warnings: None!

strings of violets are all in tune, tiger lilies love the dandy lions )
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05 April 2017 @ 11:19 pm
Who: elizabeth bathory & jack
Where: murderhouse
When: 4/6, evening.
What: *kyuubey voice* contract?
Warnings: nothing at the moment, but i'll update if need be.

like dark red bloodstreams )
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04 April 2017 @ 03:28 pm
Who: Kenzi Malikov and EVERYONE?!
Where: The nail salon, Rumlow's gym, Steve/Nat/Bucky's house, Main Street
When: April 1st to 5th
What: Catch all log for shenanigans, bonding, mischief, and conspiracy theories
Warnings: Will update as needed.

I will match your tag style, prose or action! Either is fine!

Everything small is just a small version of something big! I understand everything! )
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03 April 2017 @ 08:24 pm
Who: Nyx Ulric and Brock Rumlow
Where: Rumlow's boxing gym
When: Ehhhhhhh 31st/1st ish? Whenever people aren't sick anymore.
What: Nyx is haunted by returning memories and needs a distraction.
Warnings: None at the moment.
[Closed to Rumlow]

[It's almost a novelty to be able to use his arm again. When he woke up he thought he'd always be working around dead nerves and a tingling rush that sometimes burned through whatever was still alive, but somehow after being healed by Jack...he can feel it again. Didn't do much for the scars, unfortunately, but those he can live with. The memories he got back at the same time? Not so much.

He's trying not to think about it right now, but the details he does have keep running circles in his mind.

It's pretty clear he has too much free time, so he makes his way to a gym he remembers having seen a few times on his trips through the town. It's a win-win situation. Give himself a physical distraction to focus on, and relearn how to use a limb that's been near useless for the last month.

The building he walks into looks very little like the training room he remembers from home, and he falters for a moment, fighting with a lingering familiarity that he's coming to associate with this town and the knowledge that it's all wrong.]
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Who: elizabeth bathory & robin hood
Where: out and about in the town
When: march 22ndish
What: robin finally finds the leader of the 4* loli pack.
Warnings: a lot, but i'll update with specifics as they arise.

it's killing me to see you this way, )
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03 April 2017 @ 04:11 pm
Who: Steve Rogers + assorted others
Where: 5031, the sheriff's station
When: Backdated to the night of the 26th and a couple of days after.
What: Wayward Pines' rendition of Weekend at Bernie's, i.e., transporting a dead body.
Warnings: The corpse-related grossness that's par for the course of this event; feel free to use headers liberally.
[Closed to various]

twenty-sixth of march )

twenty-eighth of march )
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30 March 2017 @ 01:09 pm
Who: Brock Rumlow & Jefferson
Where: 5052
When: During the Plague.
What: Rumlow getting dadded and doted upon. He hates it.
Warnings: Description of illness symptoms.

take care of me )
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